More is more. And IndieDB!

Post date: 20-Nov-2010 22:28:58

More is more. More what? More players.

My apologies for no screenshot during my last announcement, and the general lack of activity lately.

Let me try and make up for it.

This is still all offline (if you don't have PC gamepads yet, you really should get some). But the HUD has been improved to accommodate for a virtually unlimited number of players, which is an important step towards online play. The HUD is also now navigable with the first gamepad (having to use the mouse every time you pause or finish a game when you're already using a gamepad was annoying). Other improvements have been made to make the game more presentable before I add online play in the near future.

I'll be working hard to get a big update out soon. With only 9 days before the Top 50 are determined for this year's Indie of the Year, it's probably too late for me to get anywhere in this year's running with KarBOOM. However, it'll be cool to see how far I get!


KarBOOM PC game