KarBOOM 0.1.2

Post date: 12-Nov-2010 23:27:14

So here's 0.1.2.


After an unproductive week (we can all thank university for that), all I've done is some minor changes to the interface and added support for another two gamepads. Gamepads are now supported by WINAPI rather than A8's built-in functions (which only support two), so really this is a first step to unlimited gamepad support. The only reason it isn't "unlimited" yet is because of the still-primitive UI and because there are only 4 cars in game.

I think my next task will be to make the UI more gamepad friendly (I hate having to use the mouse every time I pause even though I'm using gamepads to play), and unlimited player support. This means a whole lot of other changes, such as the score layout, and a lot of arrays that were fixed in size will now have to vary. With that in mind, the next update probably won't come out on Friday. But I'll try and make time to get it working well asap.

No new screenshots today. Sorry. Rough week. And not much changed visually.


The shader compiler dll is now included so that those with older versions of DirectX9 should still be able to play it without issue.