KarBOOM 0.3.3

Post date: 30-Nov-2011 05:33:15

That's a lot of cars!

After 9 months, KarBOOM 0.3.3 is finally out! I'm no longer hosting files here -- you can download KarBOOM open alpha 0.3.3 at KarBOOM's IndieDB page, here.

What's with the "open alpha" thing? Good question! To be more clear about KarBOOM's current state and the fact that I have no idea what its future holds, I'm simply referring to it as an "open alpha". Hopefully the "alpha" makes it clear that KarBOOM's not feature-complete, and so I'd really appreciate suggestions from players! And "open" should suggest that anyone can play it. It's free.

For now.

I mean, if I release a version for free it stays free, but when KarBOOM is developed far enough I may be able to sell it for a little bit of money and get a little compensation for the time I put into it.

We'll see!