Post date: 05-Nov-2010 16:51:56

Time for a Friday update. I know there's still plenty more time in the day, but in the hours between now and us having people over I won't get the next step done. And what is the next step? More on that later.

DOWNLOAD version 0.1.1 now!

This version adds the weak spot mutator and victory conditions. You can now enforce a time limit, score limit, or life limit on a round. When the round is over you're treated with a very simple and quite awful "ROUND OVER" screen which really doesn't tell you much at all. At the moment it just ranks the participants (the player at the top came first, next came second, and so on). It doesn't tell you when there's a tie (even though the game does know when there's a tie, the menu system resolves players with equal placing by forcing them onto the next line).

You'll also notice that there is now a title screen with an "options" button that doesn't do anything.

So don't worry, I'm well aware of the insane boringness of the menu system. It is okay. This week I'll focus on cleaning up the menu, adding options, making the "ROUND OVER" screen more useful/interesting, and making it all look a chunk nicer. If I have time and I get some awesome ideas or suggestions, I'll add more mutators, fix up other issues people have, and add support for more gamepads. I'm more proficient as a programmer than any other game-related discipline, so making the menu look nice could take me a while.

If you're disappointed that I'm not enhancing the gameplay next week in any way, console yourself with this:

All changes to the menu system are done with the future of the game in mind, specifically online multiplayer. I'm aiming at updating the game every Friday, but multiplayer could take me longer than a week. So I'm trying to do updates that will make the introduction of online multiplayer quick and painless. The menu system will be designed and built to easily integrate a lobby system I've written a while back. Replay mode was written to introduce myself to some important ideas relevant to online multiplayer, and any improvements I make to replay mode will help me write online multiplayer as well.

So the idea is that in the next few updates the game will get really cleaned up and polished before I hit you guys with an online multiplayer mode, without missing any weekly updates.

We'll see how that works out.

Oh and by the way! You can now take screenshots with the F6 key.