Older stuff kept here for posterity. These mostly just exist to keep old links from dying if I can help it.

Check out the old announcements from when I was originally making KarBOOM in the A8 engine.

Below are older projects from when I was a teen.

Normal mapping with deferred shading and crepuscular rays -- unlimited light sources and occluders. This was for a community contest to win an engine upgrade back with the Acknex engine.

Other work I completed while a student (for various clients or for fun) includes water, atmospheric scattering, sub-surface scattering, cascaded shadow mapping, fire, HDRR and more. Here are some arbitrary dev shots -- in these cases, most art assets are just from the A7/A8 sample folder, since I only wanted to spend time on the shaders:

Water shader. (This was a noteworthy feature back then!)

Four shots from a skycube maker I made to show off atmospheric scattering.

Cascaded Shadow Mapping -- colours modified to indicate which views the shadows fall within (see CSM tutorial for more info).

Sub-Surface Scattering with normal mapping and specular highlights. The head is mine from when I was learning to use ZBrush.