Post date: 26-Nov-2010 15:20:22

Alright! Here's KarBOOM v0.1.3:


Play with up to 8 players! Only 4 can fit on your keyboard still, but you can add more players with gamepads. If you have lots of gamepads then no one needs to share the keyboard at all! Also, the first gamepad plugged in can control the mouse when you're paused and stuff.

Click for full-size version

The HUD has been changed -- icons indicate what kind of player is controlling each car (gamepad or keyboard, and in future another icon will be added for online players). All scores/lives are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Only 6 players are in these screenshots because I only have 2 gamepads, but I was able to test 8 players to a certain extent with some tricks and screenshots of that can be found in the last announcement. The menu is hopefully a little nicer. Sound is still lacking. I'm going to go ahead and blame university for that. They make me work and stuff.

What's next?

I can begin working on online multiplayer! There's still plenty of other stuff to add to the game, but demand for online play is strong, and other features can always be added later. So this release should be the the last release with no online play!

Hey Jibb, how can we tell you how awesome your game is and give you suggestions?

Good question! Check out IndieDB's KarBOOM page where you can post comments.