KarBOOM.net goes online

Post date: 28-Dec-2010 18:22:09

KarBOOM.net has gone online! I know this is my first announcement here in a month. I've been hard at work on KarBOOM Online and its website. Online play has come a long way and will be available in the next release of KarBOOM (version 0.2). Remember that KarBOOM is still in development, even after this next release, and there's a lot more to come. Huge demand for online play means online play is coming out before a lot of other planned features (such as replay-related features, more mutators, more game modes, more levels, level editor, etc). But all the extras will still happen, and will all work with online play by the time the "final" version of KarBOOM is released.

I'm away from home at the moment with family, so I can't work on KarBOOM itself right now, but I've been working on the official website KarBOOM.net, as well as the official KarBOOM forum (which will hopefully be up and running soon). KarBOOM's online play will use the same account system as the forum, so it'll be easy to find other players to play with/against, and be involved in the community. And what does it mean to be involved in the community? Report any bugs in the game and I'll do my best to squish them as fast as possible; suggest features and changes to the game; help other users who are confused; and participate in the maintenance of online documentation, which will constantly need to evolve as changes and upgrades are made to the game.