KarBOOM hits Top 100 (and more updates)

Post date: 11-Dec-2011 19:40:21

That's right! KarBOOM survived the first phase of IndieDB's Indie Of The Year competition, making the Top 100! The next phase is another 10 days and is for the Top 10. Vote for KarBOOM! Even if you voted before (for which I am so grateful!), the votes have been reset for this new phase.

Thanks so much for the support! I'm so stoked to have made Top 100. Hopefully this will bring some more attention to KarBOOM!

So, while you're here, how about a vote? And while you're there, check out the other awesome games in the Top 100 -- you can vote for as many as you want!

Plus, KarBOOM 0.3.4 is out, adding some bug-fixes, offline LAN play, and a brand new mutator: king of the hill. Keep an eye on KarBOOM as I'm updating it much more regularly now -- I've nearly finished implementing a team mode which I hope to release in Open Alpha 0.3.5 this week! The latest Open Alpha (and so far, all previous ones) is always available on KarBOOM's IndieDB page.