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Surprise update: KarBOOM 0.1.4 with BOTS!

posted 28 Nov 2010, 20:07 by Jibb Smart   [ updated 28 Nov 2010, 21:42 ]

That's right, KarBOOM now has bots. While I have two perfectly good brothers to play KarBOOM with me, they're not always around, and KarBOOM hasn't been much fun on your own until now. But version 0.1.4 adds bots (heaps of them!) and a larger level, so even if you're the only person left in the world, you can still enjoy this game.

Click for larger versions:

Add up to 8 gamepads, 4 keyboard players, and however many bots you want up to 14 players!

If your hands are tired but your eyes aren't, enjoy a bots-only game.

Do what BLUE did: WIN!

Jibb Smart,
28 Nov 2010, 21:40