KarBOOM's done!

posted 26 Oct 2013, 09:46 by Jibb Smart

KarBOOM Screenshot
KarBOOM is finally finished, after 3 years of on-and-off development that concluded with a 4-month crunch. Find out more on KarBOOM on IndieDB, or buy it through and other distributors when it comes out this Tuesday, 29th October, 2013!

Play up to 8-player local multiplayer with a bunch of different game modes, levels and mutators. Check it out!

Downloadable Demo

posted 28 Aug 2013, 15:23 by Jibb Smart

Blue is cornered with the flag
KarBOOM now has a downloadable demo for Windows, Mac & Linux. Check out all the downloads here, or go straight to the one you want:


As will likely be the norm from here on out, the web-player version on Kongregate has been updated as well. Check out the cool new stuffs!

KarBOOM Demo

posted 15 Aug 2013, 14:30 by Jibb Smart

New KarBOOM Preview Demo at Kongregate
Yo, play the KarBOOM demo at Kongregate! This way I can easily make sure everyone's playing the same version of the demo as I continue to add improvements to the game.

Give me feedback on IndieDB, on Kongregate, or on the KarBOOM forums.

Still alive

posted 23 Jun 2013, 13:40 by Jibb Smart

The last update on this website was in 2011, and the last KarBOOM update on IndieDB was not that much more recent. So, what's up with that?

Well, it's time I open up about some developments with KarBOOM that were supposed to be very small, and supposed to be surprise-worthy once complete, but at this rate it just looks to the outside world like I'm not doing anything.

Now, to be honest, for a while I actually have done almost nothing KarBOOM related as I was distracted with finishing my degree (which I did - a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science at York University, thanks very much!), as well as planning and executing a one-month short-term mission teaching life-skills in schools in Zambia with other students based in Toronto. But that doesn't account for all the time passed since the last update.

Prior to the release of the last update (in, uh... December 2011?), I spent a few weeks without access to my KarBOOM development computer and used that time to experiment with engine programming. In those few weeks I put together a shader-driven OpenGL-based renderer using SDL to compile and run on Windows, Mac and Linux, and I used assets and shaders from KarBOOM to test them. It looked great.

So while the last update on IndieDB was talking about custom-built physics and collision, I already had a decent cross-platform renderer working, and KarBOOM is in a relatively unique position in that it would gain almost nothing from fancy culling algorithms and the like, so it made sense to try and put the renderer and my physics and collision together to make KarBOOM run on Linux and Mac, as well as Windows.

In my free time and between other commitments (remember, I was studying full-time at the time) I continued to work on this version, hoping to have something playable out soon. And you know what? It was getting there, slowly but surely. But then came Unity 4 and support for Linux - a lack of support for Linux had been the reason I hadn't bothered with Unity3D yet, because the future of PC gaming is OS-agnostic, and while the engine I'd grown up on was Windows-only, adding Mac support alone is quite frankly not enough to pull me away from what I've already made the game on.

So I looked at all the work I'd done on my custom engine, acknowledged it as an incredible learning experience and very fruitful in that sense, but also reminded myself that I wanted to make games, not game engines, and this was taking a long time. So I decided to see how far I could get with the free version of Unity 4 in a week.

And the results were great. The scripting language is easy, the editor fairly useful (depending on your game's needs), and I've yet to settle on the appropriate balance of control vs simplicity when it comes to the shaders, but within a week I had a cross-platform, playable KarBOOM.

It still has quite a way to go to match the previous version. For aforementioned reasons, I've not had much time to commit to KarBOOM recently. I've finished university, and now I'm looking for a job. But I still want to finish KarBOOM. With support for Windows, Mac and Linux; a decent physics engine once you work around Unity's non-deterministic quirks and peculiarities; and a huge library of games already published with it, Unity 4 is the way to go. This is how KarBOOM is going to get done.

Get KarBOOM on Desura

posted 20 Dec 2011, 08:58 by Jibb Smart

KarBOOM is on Desura
KarBOOM is now on Desura!

Desura is a popular digital distribution platform for indie games and includes a huge catalogue of games for purchase and download.

KarBOOM, even in its unfinished state, is now available on Desura. Download the latest Alpha for free, and the Desura client will keep you up to date every time I update the alpha.

KarBOOM hits Top 100 (and more updates)

posted 11 Dec 2011, 11:40 by Jibb Smart   [ updated 11 Dec 2011, 11:40 ]

That's right! KarBOOM survived the first phase of IndieDB's Indie Of The Year competition, making the Top 100! The next phase is another 10 days and is for the Top 10. Vote for KarBOOM! Even if you voted before (for which I am so grateful!), the votes have been reset for this new phase.

Thanks so much for the support! I'm so stoked to have made Top 100. Hopefully this will bring some more attention to KarBOOM!

So, while you're here, how about a vote? And while you're there, check out the other awesome games in the Top 100 -- you can vote for as many as you want!

Plus, KarBOOM 0.3.4 is out, adding some bug-fixes, offline LAN play, and a brand new mutator: king of the hill. Keep an eye on KarBOOM as I'm updating it much more regularly now -- I've nearly finished implementing a team mode which I hope to release in Open Alpha 0.3.5 this week! The latest Open Alpha (and so far, all previous ones) is always available on KarBOOM's IndieDB page.

KarBOOM 0.3.3

posted 29 Nov 2011, 21:33 by Jibb Smart

That's a lot of cars!
After 9 months, KarBOOM 0.3.3 is finally out! I'm no longer hosting files here -- you can download KarBOOM open alpha 0.3.3 at KarBOOM's IndieDB page, here.

What's with the "open alpha" thing? Good question! To be more clear about KarBOOM's current state and the fact that I have no idea what its future holds, I'm simply referring to it as an "open alpha". Hopefully the "alpha" makes it clear that KarBOOM's not feature-complete, and so I'd really appreciate suggestions from players! And "open" should suggest that anyone can play it. It's free.

For now.

I mean, if I release a version for free it stays free, but when KarBOOM is developed far enough I may be able to sell it for a little bit of money and get a little compensation for the time I put into it.

We'll see!

KarBOOM 0.2.4 released

posted 25 Feb 2011, 17:05 by Jibb Smart

Fresh KarBOOM update!

Time limit, life limit and score limit modes are now all available in online play. Also, KarBOOM uses UPnP to set up port-forwarding with your router, so you can host games without fiddling around with your router settings.

KarBOOM 0.2.2 Online

posted 18 Feb 2011, 07:56 by Jibb Smart

That's right, a new version of KarBOOM. I've been neglecting the announcements on my own website, but this is the third version to support online play.

Find more info in the announcements forum, at KarBOOM's main website, or at IndieDB. As always, the latest version can be downloaded here. goes online

posted 28 Dec 2010, 10:22 by Jibb Smart has gone online! I know this is my first announcement here in a month. I've been hard at work on KarBOOM Online and its website. Online play has come a long way and will be available in the next release of KarBOOM (version 0.2). Remember that KarBOOM is still in development, even after this next release, and there's a lot more to come. Huge demand for online play means online play is coming out before a lot of other planned features (such as replay-related features, more mutators, more game modes, more levels, level editor, etc). But all the extras will still happen, and will all work with online play by the time the "final" version of KarBOOM is released.

I'm away from home at the moment with family, so I can't work on KarBOOM itself right now, but I've been working on the official website, as well as the official KarBOOM forum (which will hopefully be up and running soon). KarBOOM's online play will use the same account system as the forum, so it'll be easy to find other players to play with/against, and be involved in the community. And what does it mean to be involved in the community? Report any bugs in the game and I'll do my best to squish them as fast as possible; suggest features and changes to the game; help other users who are confused; and participate in the maintenance of online documentation, which will constantly need to evolve as changes and upgrades are made to the game.

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